The Barn


Our main barn contains 7 stalls ranging from 10x10 to 10x20. Each stall has fresh water available at all times, salt lick and free choice hay in a slow feed hay net.  The stalls are bedded in thick pine shavings and cleaned daily.  The barn is also equipped with a feed room, air conditioned tack room with washer/dryer & mini fridge as well as a roomy hayloft that is available for seasonal and excess storage for boarders.   3 bay covered wash rack and second tack room is attached.  Our new barn is a shed row style barn with 4 12x12 stalls, each with their own window. 

Turn Out

We currently have 6 fields, a 1/2 acre paddock, a 3/4 acre paddock, (2) 1 acre fields & (2) 2 acre fields.  Our fields are seeded every winter with rye grass and every summer with Bermuda grass.  Our 2 acre fields and our 1.5 acre field will have run-ins installed in the future for field board horses.  


Our 175x225 grass arena is complete with a full course of fences, flowers and fill.  We also have a regulation dressage ring (also grass) that we also use for beginner lessons and camp.  We've added a 45' round pen for use of clients and staff for ground work.  

Smile Gallery

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