Hetfield "Dez"

16.1 hand 2004 Thoroughbred Gelding

Dez is every rider's dream.  He is the most responsive horse anyone could ask for, has talent to spare and has a personality that will make you fall in love.  Honest to the fences & forgiving, this horse isn't lacking in fabulous attributes! 

Dez has a solid foundation on the flat, loves to stretch through his back and engage.  He has a classic, textbook jumping style and is very rideable.  He is VERY responsive so would be best suited for an intermediate or advanced rider.  This boy could take someone to the top.  He is very careful and because of this we are taking it slow with the jump height.  He currently will pack around at 1.10m at shows and has successfully shown in the 1.15m.  He will be in the 1.15m-1.20m in 2016.  Schooled courses over 1.50m successfully.  Lifetime USEF/USHJA membership & a member of the Thoroughbred Incentive Program.

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