Stall & Field Board

Full Stall Board: $500

  • ~12x10 stall​

  • Daily to 2x daily stall cleaning​​

  • Watered 2x daily​

  • Fed 2x daily​ (triple crown senior)

  • Hay 2x daily (free choice in stall)​

  • 8+ hours of turn out

  • Private/semi-private paddocks as needed

  • Daily grooming​

  • Holding for vet/Farrier

  • Blanketing in winter

  • Fan use in summer 


Full Board with Training: $800
Full Board with the full training package

Full Board with Partial Training: $700
Full Board with the partial training package


Field Board: $375

  • Fed 2x daily

  • Access to fresh water

  • Hay 2x daily (as needed)

  • No more than 3-4 horses per field

  • Holding for vet/Farrier

  • Fed owner supplied supplements

  • Blanketing in winter